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Psychology suggests IQ only contributes 20% to success, with the remainder split across different types of intelligences.

Dr. Howard Gardner’s 1983 book, “Frames of mind”; demonstrates that there are different types, common to all cultures – each with its own pattern of development and brain activity, and each different in kind from the others.

Consultant ProgramsThese comprised linguistic, musical and logical/mathematical capacities, as well as spatial and bodily intelligences, and the ability to arrive at an emotional and mental sense of self and other people.

Rather than reducing an individual’s potential to a single score on an IQ test, it is the fostering and education of all of these metrics that should be addressed.

At Inner Circle, we directly sponsor discussions, group programs and one-on-one sessions that encourage growth in Intellectual Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), Adversity Quotient (AQ) and Creativity Quotient (CQ). We also provide access to specialist practitioners that provide coaching in Spiritual Intelligence (SQ).

Combined, these positively impact the wellbeing of our consultants and contribute to their success. The Standish Group Chaos 2016 report supports our thinking, showing that project and program teams with high EQ alone are three times more likely to deliver successful projects.

These activities encourage new and different ways of thinking by separating traditional layers of understanding, and promote the consulting health and wellbeing of our teams to deliver a more collaborative, supportive, professional and successful experience.

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