Portfolio and Transformation Management

Portfolio Management, Transformation Management and  PMO/iPMO/TMO

Remember when Portfolio Management and PMOs were simple? Today, a barrage of market pressures and a constant stream of hybrid methodologies (and their varied reporting) make Portfolio Management feel like you’re juggling jellyfish. That’s on top of rapid iteration methodologies and transformation-focused organisations introducing Transformation Management Offices.

We specialise in making it structured, seamless and simple again.

Portfolio Management used be a lot easier – your Project Managers all used the same methodology, the same reporting mechanisms, the same financial models. Showing progress, financial state, value, and benefits were straightforward.

Today, your programs and projects use a myriad of methodologies, scheduling models, reporting tools and milestones. Some provide traditional views that you’re familiar with, some use hybrids, and others avoid documentation at all costs. And all of this is happening at unprecedented speed as our markets evolve faster than ever before.

Despite the flux, you still need to govern alignment to strategy, prioritise programs, make strategic decisions on both short-term imperatives and long-term goals and realise the promised value and business benefits.

We have the Portfolio and Transformation Management (and PMO / TMO) expertise, adaptable methodologies, tools, and experience needed to simplify functions. Completely independent, we provide the visibility, transparency and traceability processes you need to make better, more informed and more timely decisions – and the assurance, governance and reporting to maintain alignment with your objectives.

1. Portfolio Management

At the portfolio level you are managing a range of programs that may or not be inter-related; cascading down to possibly over 100 individual projects or streams. Ensuring the ‘right’ programs and projects are implemented is more challenging considering today’s ever-changing, dynamic business environment (and that’s before the Executive and Board make public commitments that you need to prioritise).

Transparent and robust portfolio management will ensure your organisational needs are captured and the right programs / projects are given the priority they need. We can help – we have the experience, we have your back and our success is directly linked to yours. Our Portfolio Services include:

  • Sequencing and Prioritisation Management
  • Strategic Modeling
  • Benefits Planning and Dashboarding
  • Strategic Alignment and Scoring
  • Performance Management
  • Portfolio Reporting
  • Stakeholder Management
2. iPMO / PMO / TMO

From the smallest of projects to the largest and most complex of portfolios, no one delivers – or succeeds – alone. You need a support team that can help drive success throughout your domain, from projects to programs to portfolios, with the tools to ensure business change occurs in a predictable, planned and controlled way.

With 450 subject matter experts, we can tailor a support team to your specific circumstance – from uplifting specific capability and capacity to completely running your iPMO/PMO/TMO. We have the experience and proven tools to provide the visibility, traceability, reusability, governance and delivery support services efficiently, effectively and without any juggling skills. Our services include:

  • Office Lead and Coordination
  • Change and Communications Management
  • Scheduling and Master Scheduling
  • Finance Management
  • Asset and Reusability Management
  • Agile Coaching and Facilitation
  • Vendor Management
  • Stakeholder Management
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