Joining Inner Circle

Becoming part of the Inner Circle

Since inception, access to the Inner Circle has been by invitation only. This exclusive referral model is underpinned by an extensive due diligence and assessment program to qualify consultant’s expertise, history, professionalism, aptitude, and demeanour.

To become a part of the Inner Circle, an existing consulting member needs to personally sponsor you. Your sponsor must have the first-hand experience of your professional capabilities, experience, and skills. If they’re willing to stake their reputation on you, you’re off to a good start.

Joining Inner Circle


The easiest way to secure an invitation is to engage senior work colleagues. Chances are, someone in your professional network or consulting environment is already in the Inner Circle, or can point you in the right direction.


Once sponsored, potential consultants are subjected to an elapsed fourteen-hour due diligence and peer review process prior to ensure their expertise and professional skills exceed our rigorous standards. Historically, less than 40 percent make it through this qualification phase.


It may seem like an exclusive approach and it is – it needs to be. It ensures we maintain a consulting group of the highest calibre specialists available, promotes peer confidence within our professional communities, and ensures all – individually and collectively – are capable of delivering the high-quality outcomes our clients demand.

We want those in the Inner Circle to have complete confidence in their colleagues so they can focus on exceeding the client’s needs, not the capability of their team.

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