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Program Audit and Assurance

It’s about the decisions you need to make. Our audit and assurance services focus on providing you with visibility, transparency and insight of your program’s health, controls, assurance, the work completed and the work you’re about to undertake to make them. 

Projects and programs can quickly become monsters with multiple streams, multiple methodologies, multiple stakeholders, multiple milestones, and multiple dependencies. Add the task of ensuring the multiple vendors and consultancies involved are actually doing what you need (and not what they want) and rapid iteration methodologies with loose documentation, and you’re going to struggle to stay in control.

The market-driven demand for faster outcomes, more visibility and higher levels of value has made project and program management becoming more challenging – even for the more seasoned practitioners.

We can help. We have the expertise and recognised specialists to ascertain the wellbeing of your platforms, progress, and partners.  We also have the exclusive governance and assurance solutions that improve visibility, provide expert insight and promote timely decision making so you can focus on managing your monsters.

We also provide in-depth analysis and governance in multi-vendor environments. Being truly independent (we have no partnerships, secret shareholders or affiliations) enables us to act solely in your interests when qualifying, verifying and reporting on their functions and performance.

1. Audit Services

When you are managing a kaleidoscope of vendors, contractors, staff, and consultancies; understanding exactly what has been done (and how it has been done) is critical. Each turn brings new risks and issues, and unless you have complete visibility, you’re going to have a few sleepless nights.

Our audit services provide this visibility. We have the subject matter experts to manage the vendors, the professionals to check your controls and your compliance, the program expertise to delve into the detail, the tools to identify your risks, issues and upcoming challenges, and the pragmatism to provide recommendations tailored to your circumstance that will work. These services include:

  • Project and Program assessments
  • iMO/PMO and Portfolio assessments
  • Capability and Capacity assessments
  • Governance, Compliance and Risk assessments
  • Data Analytics assessments
  • Vendor and Contract assessments
  • Post-delivery assessments
2. Assurance Services

We provide assurance services for some of the most diverse transformation programs in Australia. We built the frameworks, defined the controls, highlighted the risks, measured the costs, assessed the schedules, built the governance and aligned everything to the strategic objectives to ensure our clients were successful.

Remaining vendor agnostic (we have no partnerships, alliances or emotional attachments) ensures we provide assurance and governance services with your best interests at heart. We become an extension of you, with our success metrics tied directly to your program success. This independence is critical when your program has third-party vendors and large consultancies delivering.

Our assurance services include:

  • Assurance management
  • Benefits management
  • Compliance management
  • Governance and Risk management
  • Scheduling and Cost management
  • Vendor and contract management
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