Project and Program Delivery – done right

Project and Program Delivery

Execution.  Program and Project Delivery is all about how well you can execute your plan.  Our Delivery Services are focused on maximising our ability to execute superbly regardless of the quality of the plans you have, the capability you lack, the capacity you need and the time your short of.

For over 12 years, Inner Circle have helped ASX 200 organisations successfully deliver critical change programs and projects by augmenting their capabilities, managing the entire programs and building frameworks.

We can work with your methodologies or ours (or a combination of the two), mobilise hand-picked specialist teams within days that will stay the journey – and not be switched out to work on other more important programs elsewhere. We start by understanding the environment, objectives and goals, and architect a plan to put you on the road to success, and work with you to execute that plan; superbly.

We bring globally recognised delivery IP, cohesive teams of battle-hardened specialists (no juniors or interns), extensive back office support, and industry leading visibility, traceability and insight to help you make more informed decisions along the way.

At the core are your objectives, supported by the most appropriate delivery metholodogy – whether that be Agile, Lean, Waterfall or Hybrid. We have a wealth of experience in successfully delivering using them all, and the hand-picked experienced teams (tailored to your circumstance) to ensure we can help you achieve the same.

1. Project Delivery

When delivering a high profile, high pressure project you are looking to juggle conflicting constraints – time to release, cost, quality and project scope – and often against a backdrop of resource constraints, multiple vendors and conflicting advice.

We have your back. Our project services are designed to support you, not take over – we are your vendor agnostic, truly independent partner. We help executing the project by uplifting your capability and capacity and managing your vendors to an outcome through a comprehensive array of project services.  These include:

  • Project Planning
  • Project Management
  • Project Finance Management
  • Project Support
  • Project Reporting
  • Project Assessment and Remediation
  • Solution Architecture
  • Scheduling and Dependency Management
  • Business Analysis and Requirements Management
  • Change Management
  • Assurance and Governance Management
  • Risk and Compliance Management
  • Benefits Management
  • Test Management
  • Integration and Release Management
  • Knowledge Transfer and Transition
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Vendor Management
2. Program Services

Complexity is amplified when it comes to Program Delivery.  You are managing a series of inter-related projects and streams each demanding their  needs are addressed before anyone else’s. Stakeholder Management becomes a maze of complexity as each project or stream comes with its own set of stakeholders with their own set of expectations.  Should each project or stream follow the same delivery methodology or do they follow the one that best fits the outcome they need to deliver?

Do you source the expert practitioners externally, outsource the entire stream or try to build a team from the disparate internal resources? How do you manage program finances so the resources are going to the projects that the overall program depends on most? How do you maintain value when third party consultancies and vendors have their own agendas?

We have been there and done that. Again. And again. Our Program Services have been forged through repeat experiences and can answer all the questions above and more.  Our services include:

  • Program Architecture and Delivery Strategy
  • Governance Planning and Establishment
  • Aggregated Program Reporting
  • Program Planning, Team Selection and Mobilisation
  • Delivery Enablement and Assurance
  • Program Finance Control
  • Integration Governance Forums and Management
  • Design Authority Governance
  • Benefits and Value management
  • Vendor management
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