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noun –  A marked change in form, nature, or appearance.

You transform to improve – not by evolution, but by revolution. It’s a radical departure on how you’ve operated or delivered products in the past. A step into the unknown plagued with nuances and challenges that you likely haven’t faced before.

We have faced them, and we’ve done it with some of Australia’s biggest companies. With 450 senior specialist consultants that built their careers on transformation, we can help mitigate the risks, avoid the pitfalls and drive the change you need to deliver.

1. IT Transformation

You’re the new CIO, and you’ve stepped into the proverbial mess with multiple lines of business complaining that the IT Department is too slow to help. You have shadow IT emerging across the organisation that you had no hand in, but are expected to support. You’re told your budget for next year is being cut, and your expected deliverables increased – IT is seen as a necessary cost, not a value provider or enabler, and your Executive and Board are expecting you to fix it.

You need to transform your IT Department. You need to re-baseline perceptions, show the value IT can provide, drive both profitability by bringing products and services to market quicker, at lower cost with improved quality. Whether your approach be one evolutionary change or a complete restart, we have the expertise and proven experience to help you show the value IT provides when done properly.

Our services include:

  • Independent IT Service Level Assessment
  • IT Service Planning
  • IT Transformation Strategy
  • IT Service Catalogue Design (including alignment to business strategy)
  • Service Delivery Platform Design
  • Service Delivery Methodology Assessment
  • Service Financial Modelling and Cost Design
  • Service Request Re-engineering
  • Change Management and Training
  • Reporting Management
  • Independent Vendor Assessment and Management
2. Digital transformation

Technology has revolutionised our world. The way we engage, consume, transact and work has changed in ways our parents wouldn’t have believed. Today, it embraces robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT), each offering new ways of working and even newer opportunities. Competitive opportunity drives innovation, and the gap between the early adopters and laggards is really starting to show.

If your organisation is in the latter, there is still time to make your mark and mitigate the current advantage held by your existing and new competitors. We have a wealth of experience in digital, and can show you how to pragmatically plan your transformation, how to do it efficiently and how to realise value quickly.

As digital extends from being a new delivery mechanism of existing offerings to the primary channel, organisations need constantly review their approach to explore new opportunities, drive differentiation, increase value and reduce costs. We can support these activities with an array of digital strategy, assessment, planning and assurance services.

  • Independent Digital Assessment
  • Digital Strategy and Planning
  • Digital Value Mapping
  • Independent Business Modelling
  • Operating Model Design
  • New Ways of Working Design
  • Product and Service Lifecycle Transformation
  • Order-to-Cash Transformation
  • Independent Process and Application Assessment and Execution
  • Integration Management
  • Assurance, Risk and Governance Management
3. Cloud Transformation

“To be in the Cloud or not to be. That is the question”. It’s the dilemma modern day Hamlett’s face as Cloud platforms become increasingly secure, cost effective and agile to a point where in-house dedicated IT infrastructure makes less and less sense – at least on the surface.

IT however, is much more than budgets and scalability. Each application is tied to multiple business processes, each platform reaches multiple departments, sectors and geographies. When you delve into the work involved in transitioning applications to the Cloud, remediating the applications (and dependencies) to operate on a Cloud platform, and mitigating impact other business functions – it quickly becomes a serious program of work. That is before you delve into the regulatory compliance, security, data sovereignty, continuity, platform, vendor and access management requirements (and the “hidden costs” that frequent the media).

Done properly, Cloud can transform IT through value, service quality and performance – but it needs to be planned properly. We help modern day Hamlett’s assess and understand the best path forward, provide a pragmatic plan, and provide the expertise you need to successfully deliver your migration and transformation.

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Transformation Assessment
  • Cloud Transformation Strategy and Plan
  • Cloud Transformation Delivery
  • Process Re-engineering and Dependency Management
  • User Experience Management
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Security Management
  • Test Management
4. Agile transformation

It takes too long get your products and services to market. The business writes detailed requirement specifications and throws them over the fence to IT deliver with barely any interaction. Projects grind to halt as key stakeholders sit in their silos not progressing key actions waiting for an input to be delivered to them. Your organisation is slow, cumbersome and no one collaborates for the common good – preferring instead to focus on their own, siloed KPI. Any change is viewed as “bad” and your organisation struggles to adjust to rapidly changing market conditions.

The Executive then make public statements about being more innovative, new ways of working, or being more competitive. You now need to transition IT for a whole of business transformation, and ensure it provides the quality and strategic alignment as quickly and cost-effectively as the business needs.

Whether you’re undergoing a whole of business transformation, adding Agile to your product and service development, scaling your existing Agile teams, or reviewing your systems and methodologies; we can help you assess, plan, and execute scalable Agile with the assurance and governance you need. Our services include:

  • Current State Delivery Methodology Assessment
  • Future State Delivery Methodology Design
  • Agile Transformation Planning and Strategy
  • Agile Transformation Delivery and Execution
  • Assurance, Risk and Governance
  • Independent Vendor Management


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