Holding vendors accountable since 2006

Remember when you got a say in which vendors were on the floor?

As organisations become more Agile-focused, your control and ability to govern IT across your programs – let alone the business – continues to diminish.  Whether we like it or not, the trend to fragment Enterprise IT, growth in Shadow IT, broadening of IT decision making and a rapidly evolving market generating constant change to stay in the game make any semblance of control a distant memory.

To make things worse, projects have become more complex, more reactionary, proffer less visibility and bring an array of panelled and shadow vendors intertwined throughout. Vendors can make or break your success – if they fail, the project fails and somehow, it is your problem.

How can you manage them all successfully when you no longer have the internal expertise to validate the work, and don’t have visibility of the projects and programs across the organisation they are engaged in?

They are a distraction from what you really need to deliver. Even with only a handful to manage, vendors can absorb time and effort you don’t have. Yet, you need to intimately understand what they’re doing. All of them.

You can’t afford to hope they’re delivering what you need (and not what they want to necessitate yet another change request) – you need someone on your side who can manage the relationship, validate the deliverables and measure the value.

Whether you’ve taken over a large or complex program with residual vendors, are providing oversight on project deliverables you have little exposure to, are running out of bandwidth and need a hand, managing a challenging vendor who is undermining your project, or currently assessing what you need – we can help.

Our expertise

We have managed hardware, software and consulting vendors to maximise the value for some of Australia’s leading organisations since 2006. Our offering is unique in today’s market – we provide a truly independent service. We have no partners, alliances or secret shareholders to influence us, and no sell-through targets or emotional attachments to corrupt us.

Our approach is both proactive and pragmatic to ensure any technical risks and issues are promptly managed to closure and commercial concerns are transparently escalated as soon as they become evident.

We have the proven methodologies to support you through the entire vendor lifecycle – from assessment, contract negotiations, planning, onboarding and integration to delivery, continuous improvement programs, ongoing support, and exiting.

This, coupled with the depth of knowledge that comes from 450 senior subject matter experts and our exclusive governance and oversight services; ensures your vendors deliver as contracted, to schedule, with the resources they sold and the quality they promised.

Vendor Management Lifecycle Coverage
Agnostic and independent
  • Requirements
  • Sourcing
  • Assessment
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Plan
  • Onboard
  • Integrate
  • Deliver
Vendor Management
  • Post Delivery Review
  • Exit
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Ongoing Support
Vendor Management Services
  • Independent Vendor Assessment
  • Multi-vendor Onboarding, Integration and Exiting
  • Multi-vendor Relationship Management
  • Contract Management
  • Financial and Commercial Management
  • Issue and Dispute Management
  • Risk, Issue and Dispute Management
  • Change Management
  • Delivery Management
  • Performance Management
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