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Project Recovery and Realignment

When you’re losing control of your project or program, or you’re about to lose control – you need to call us. We excel in delivering success in project and program remediation, recovery and realignment – which is why we are relied upon by some of Australia’s largest organisations.

Managing projects and programs is more challenging today than it was ten years ago. Large projects and programs are inundated with multiples – multiple vendors, multiple methodologies, multiple interwoven dependencies – making them harder to control and deliver successfully. Others are constantly in a state of flux due to strategic change, market influences, evolving customers, poor planning or resourcing issues.

A staggering 71% of all projects failed in some way according to the 2016 Standish Group Chaos report, with 19% being canceled altogether.

Even more daunting, only 6% of projects and programs in large organisations were delivered successfully – on time, to budget and to scope. Of those challenged but not canceled, the average budget overrun was 178%, and the average time overrun is 230%.

The statistics don’t take into consideration the opportunity impact of delays, scope shortfalls and budget overruns on business value. Standish estimate that when taken into consideration, the cost could be in the trillions.

Fortunately, we can help. We have 450 subject matter experts to assess and remediate, recover or realign your projects and programs. We understand the challenges, we have the specialist capability, and we have the exclusive methods and tools needed to help you successfully deliver.

Projects and programs falter for many reasons, the key is how you correct the situation, and how quickly. When you’re struggling to meet your deliverables, when your stakeholders start questioning, when value isn’t being shown or when your vendors are doing what they want (and not what you need) – call us.

1. Project Realignment

When the excuses start, scope details argued, contracts questioned, and reporting delays creep in – your project is at risk of derailing. This isn’t a question of ‘if’ – it’s a question of ‘when’. You need to quickly identify why it is deviating to mitigate the impact on your delivery success.

We help realign programs and projects back to the business objectives. Our independence and project-neutral approach approach focuses on your best interests, not the vendors. Our methodologies are proven, our recommendations pragmatic (to your circumstance), and our governance and assurance tools provide tracability and maintain alignment. Our service deliverables include:

  • Project status assessment
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Gap analysis report
  • Root cause assessment
  • Realignment recommendations
  • Realignment implementation
  • Assurance, Governance and Risk services
2. Project and Program Recovery

When the finger pointing starts, when vendors act adversarial (and start documenting everything), when scope is argued, resources leave more frequently, stakeholders stop engaging, budgets blow up, timelines blow out, and project report glow red – your project is failing. It happens for many reasons to even the most seasoned practitioners – it’s what you do and how quickly you do it that matters most.

We have the independence, expertise, experience and proven models you need to recover. We assess the status, understand your circumstance, define the best path forward, help you implement and build the assurance and governance frameworks to keep it on track. And we do all of this while having your back. Our services include:

  • Project and Program assessment
  • Risk, Issue and Compliance assessment
  • Business Benefits and Value assessment
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Recovery Recommendations report
  • Recovery implementation
  • Assurance, Governance and Risk services
  • Benefits and Value management
  • Vendor management
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