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With visibility and validation from an independent assessment, your answers become obvious

Whether your organisation is looking at which initiatives to prioritise, you need to understand what a merger or acquisition is going to need to integrate, or something about your project is keeping you up at night, you will benefit from an independent assessment.

We provide the deep analysis of your projects, programs and portfolios state, and uncover the risks, issues and potential pitfalls (and the root causes) that stand between you and a successful delivery. As we are genuinely independent and vendor agnostic; we can provide a truly independent view and deep insight that your vendors and consulting partners with vested interests will not provide.

When do you need assessment services?


The world today is moving much faster than before. Customers have access to more products, more buying experiences and more information. Organisations need new ways to provide value, build loyalty and remain relevant – and they need it quickly. The challenge is identifying which activities will provide the competitive advantage they need.

When applied to each initiate, an independent IT assessment provides greater understanding of the opportunities, benefits and values, and insight to the possible risks, issues and pitfalls before you prioritise or commit to new programs and projects.



Technology can make or break the success of a merger, acquisition or divestment. It represents at least 25 percent of the activity and directly impacts more than half of the overall integration or separation. Data shows 46 percent of merger and acquisition programs fail post-commitment due to poor integration concepts.

Our assessment services can mitigate these issues by providing visibility and an in-depth understanding of the technology, either before the deal is done, or when you’re about to embark on your integration.


When things aren’t going to plan, understanding the status of each stream in your initiative is essential. If you are currently experiencing any of these triggers, it is time to secure an independent assessment:

  • Your green project suddenly goes red without warning.
  • You’re concerned about the state of your project, program or portfolio, or concerned you’re about to derail.
  • You struggle to get responses from vendors, stakeholders, and the business.
  • Vendors start becoming argumentative about the scope or they become combatant.
  • You’re receiving an unexpected flurry of change requests.
  • Vendors or senior resources start documenting much more than they did previously.
  • You experience an unexpected spike in resource churn.
  • Reporting stagnates or stops altogether.
  • You discover there are two versions of the same control documents.
  • When you know your project, program or portfolio is failing and you want to know the true state to enable you to recover.
Our approach

Each assessment is tailored to your precise circumstance. From handpicking your specialist resources and maintenance programs to report formats – everything is customised to your needs (and not a service catalogue SKU).

Our specialist teams perform a detailed assessment against an agreed framework (either yours, ours, an agreed standard or a hybrid to suit your circumstance) to assess the true state of procedures and methods, tools and technology, and people and skills for each process/function.

We identify proof of process/function adherence and outcomes by way of interviews with resources inside each process/function and the recipients; plus documentation review and other evidentiary means.

We are genuinely independent – we have no partnerships, alliances, secret shareholders, sell-through targets or emotional attachments. We are staunchly vendor agnostic ensuring we provide the transparent, high-value insights you are seeking, and not recommendations tainted by someone else’s sales targets.

What we do

We provide a fact-based, independent and high-value assessment of your project, program or portfolio state – without bias, fear or favour.

Our Assessment services integrate directly with our Planning, Assurance and Recovery services.


  • Delivery of your assessment;
  • Uplift your existing capability / capacity to deliver the assessment; or
  • Provide the independent governance and assurance for your assessment that boards and stakeholders are increasingly seeking.


  • A factual and independent report outlining the true state of each project, program and/or portfolio.
  • Visibility of process and functions at risk and their root causes.
  • Insight into other potential risks, issues, and pitfalls (and strategies to mitigate them).
  • Ratification of the expected value and benefits against the original scope and strategic objectives.
  • Validation of the capability and capacity of teams to deliver.
  • Qualification of the controls, measures, and governance.
  • Insights and project optimisation recommendations.
Why Inner Circle

Being truly independent and vendor agnostic (we have no partners or strategic alliances), we are the perfect foil for the large “bums on seats” consultancies. We will always tell you exactly as it is – not what they want us to say.

Our assessments are tailored to your specific situation and delivered by hand-picked proven industry specialists – those with the experience gained from the floor (and have the scars to prove it). They are subject matter experts with the advice you want and the insights you need.

These teams are supported and managed throughout the engagement by our exclusive assurance program that ensures our teams are aligned, engaged and productive.

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