Recovery – it can be arduous

Whether you’ve taken over a failing project or are charged with recovering your own project – you should call us

Projects can go awry for many reasons – some within your control, others outside of your scope of influence. The fact it occurs is unlikely to damage your career – it’s what you do about it (and how quickly) that will be remembered.

Imagine you’re at basecamp, standing amongst the ruins of another failed project or program. You face a long, dangerous and arduous climb up the mountain to delivery success; a climb that might feel Himalayan in scale. You have a choice. You can climb alone and rely on the tools you can salvage from the ruins, or you can call the Sherpas.

We’ve made that climb with others like you – more times than we’d like to remember. It’s why ASX200 organisations trust us to help when their large or complex projects fail and fall down the mountain. We know which way to go – and we can guide you safely, all the way to the peak of delivery success.

Recovery programs are riddled with questions that you need answers for. Why did the project fail? What are you doing to mitigate the chance of it reoccurring? Have you got the right capacity and capability? What are the contractual obligations? When will the business realise value for its investment? What is your plan for recovery? You need an in-depth understanding of the program or project, and you need it quickly to start making recommendations and securing decisions. We are your Sherpas.


We provide realignment (we will guide you to the summit), remediation (we’ll drag you up if we have to) and recovery (we’re bringing helicopters) solutions to suit your specific situation.

The project or program hasn’t failed, but there are the early signs of it derailing. Examples of these include reporting delays, contested scope, delivery milestones slipping, budget creep, the vendor stops communicating, concerns about governance, and stakeholders start becoming nervous and ask for more and more information.

There is a problem, and you need to identify it and resolve it as quickly as possible. Triggers for remediation can include a loss of confidence in delivery, continued delays, budget blowout, limited visibility of vendor activity, spikes in staff churn, teams working excessive hours, and contracts about scope being studied closely.

The program or project has failed, or will imminently fail. You will know when you’re in the recovery phase – there will be a lack of confidence shown and hard decisions start being made. A rapid recovery start heavily impacts the retention of value in the initiative, and the ability to meet business expectations.

Our Approach

Our recovery approach reflects our operational model – it is flexible to your needs, your project or program and your circumstance, and is delivered with you – rather than “at” you.  This, coupled with a tailored mix of our tried and tested Assess, Plan, Deliver and Assure services; underpin our recovery success. Our process in recovery programs is:

Through a series of interviews and document reviews, we understand the project objectives, business value, project constraints (scope, budget, and resources) and understand where the root cause may reside.

We review the project (plans, reports, and documentation), and meet the team. In parallel, we review the technology, infrastructure, methodologies, governance, resources, and management of the project or program.

We present our findings in a detailed report identifying the causes, issues, and risks. It also includes a pragmatic project plan that is designed to meet your goals and the expected business value efficiently.

Reset the project. Some find change challenging, so we invest time in your resources to ensure their valuable knowledge and IP stays within the project. The aim is to restart as quickly as we can (with the appropriate controls and reviews in place) to ensure stability and success of the project.

We provide the oversight, management and/or delivery of the project, stakeholders, and vendors to the agreed plan. As we’re truly independent, have 450 subject matter experts and a wealth of experience, we typically manage the delivery of your partners, outsource agencies, external consultancies, and software/hardware vendors.

Prior to completion, we assure the project or program. This warrants everything will be delivered in line the business and stakeholder expectations.

The transition of the completed project or program to the operations team, including interim operations and management capability to facilitate a smooth transition to the business as usual teams, and enable the created value to be realised quickly.

We provide post-implementation services including Performance Management and Benefits Management to maximise ROI across the lifecycle, and PIRs to identify the tools, frameworks and controls for your specific environment to mitigate the need for additional recovery programs.

What we do

Our recovery services comprise proven tools and methods from our Assess, Plan, Deliver and Assure services, and customised to your specific needs.

Our recovery solution is a comprehensive set of tools and methods built on our assess, plan, deliver and assure services, and customised to your specific needs.


  • Full realignment, remediation or recovery service;
  • Uplift your existing capability / capacity to deliver the realignment, remediation or recovery; and
  • Independent governance and assurance for your realignment, remediation or recovery.


  • Successful delivery.
  • An in-depth assessment of the existing project or program outlining the root cause and insights.
  • A project recovery plan tailored to your circumstance, created with you (not done to you).
  • Delivery management or oversight services (and specialist capability and capacity uplift as required).
  • A detailed assurance assessment that identifies the health of the project, and the measures in place to maintain the quality of service post delivery.
  • Transition services to ensure a smooth transfer to your operational teams.
  • Post-implementation services to maximise the value throughout the product lifecycle.
Why Inner Circle?

We cut our teeth on large and complex recovery programs – it is our bread and butter. It is why ASX200 organisations trust us to deliver their recovery programs (plus the fact we’re truly independent and vendor agnostic).

When you engage us, you gain access to our handpicked cohesive teams of proven subject matter experts that live, eat and breathe recovery programs. They come fully mobilised, armed with our exclusive methods and IP, know exactly what they are there to do, and they are managed through the program to success.

We don’t change teams or do swap outs. Our values focus on having the client’s back and not backfilling specialists with juniors (and then requesting more changes to build the capability back up). Your Inner Circle teams are there to support you throughout the program, with their success linked to yours.

We’re flexible to your needs. Our recovery offerings are built on a tailored combination of our other services to assess what the true state is, define a plan for success, deliver against that plan, and assure that once the project or program is healthy, it stays healthy. Our offerings are also agile and scalable – we can come in at ground zero with our Assessment Service or we can commence at either the Planning or Delivery stages of your recovery.

We’re ready to start, are you?

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