Delivery – onwards and upwards

You’ve got the green light. All systems are go.

You’ve met the stakeholders, provided a high-level overview of the plan, and they’re wishing you luck. The plan is locked down, sign off secured – now you need to deliver and there isn’t a moment to waste. Have you got your resources onboard, have they been mobilised, and more importantly, can they actually deliver?

Business transformation relies on technology more today than ever before.  For organisations looking to grow, increase market relevance and improve efficiencies, it is paramount their initiatives are delivered on time, and to budget with the benefits and value that was promised in the plan.

As a result, project, program and portfolio management is under greater scrutiny and being held more accountable. Delays now factor in lost opportunity costs and market impacts, not just the resource costs incurred – and Boards and stakeholders are increasingly turning to remediation or recovery teams the moment they lose confidence in the delivery. Successful delivery is no longer negotiable, you have to get it right from the day one.

Inner Circle works closely with organisations to drive successful technology delivery – either by running the complete delivery function, uplifting your capability or providing the governance and visibility you need to make more timely decisions and manage stakeholders.

With 450 tried and trusted subject matter experts and the independence you can bank on, we have your back.

When do you need delivery services?
  • The complex project, program or portfolio is more than you can confidently deliver by yourself, and need an A-Team to have your back and ensure you’re successful.
  • You are encumbered with vendors or consultancies that may have alternate motivations or are proving combatant.
  • You are encouraged to utilise BAU staff to manage costs, but they lack the capability and need guidance and coaching to have any chance of success.
  • You are much stronger in stakeholder management and need someone you can trust to drive the technical delivery (or vice versa).
  • Your initiative is under the microscope (public, Board or stakeholders) and you need an independent lens to manage the risk.
  • You’re concerned your project may be about to derail and want to circumvent it as quickly as possible.
  • A large consultancy has muscled their way in and secured key management, support or reporting functions that increase your risk profile.
  • The depth of dependencies and complex risk needs subject matter specialist capability and capacity to drive success.
  • Vendors and consultancies are backfilling senior positions with graduates and juniors and then demanding you pay for project courses so they can do their job (we’ve seen this happen!).
  • There are too many third parties involved, and managing them is proving time-consuming, expensive and/or difficult.
Our Approach

When you engage Inner Circle – whether that be to manage your entire delivery, uplift your capability and/or capacity, or provide the independent governance you need – you gain the assurance that we have one motivation; to support you in driving delivery success.

Our delivery expertise and flexible engagement models ensure we work to your circumstance. We handpick teams of subject matter specialists tailored to your program, rapidly mobilise them (on our time, not yours – so they’re productive from day one) and support them with our exclusive assurance services throughout the project, program or portfolio lifecycle (we don’t swap them out and backfill them with juniors, interns or graduates). They also bring access to our collective knowledge of 450 industry experts and our globally recognised tools, IP and methodologies as needed.

We founded Inner Circle focusing on project, program and portfolio recovery for some of Australia’s largest organisations. We understand the challenges and why initiatives fail, and what you need to do to transform them into successful delivery. This experience means we know how to keep your delivery on track and deliver the benefits and value the organisation is expecting.

Our visibility, transparency, and honesty ensure you will get the understanding you need to make informed decisions quickly. These only come when you’re truly independent – we don’t have partners, alliances, secret shareholders or sell-through targets. You are the closest thing we have to a partner and we link your success to our success so you know we will always have your back.

What we do

Our Delivery services integrate directly with our Assessment, PlanningAssurance and Recovery services, and are tailored to your specific needs and environment.


  • The entire delivery function;
  • Capability and capacity uplift needed to deliver; or
  • The independent governance and assurance for your delivery that stakeholders are increasingly seeking.


  • Your project / program / portfolio is delivered to plan;
  • You have clear and independent governance and risk management controls with the transparency you need;
  • You have the right resources at the right time at the right price (and not paying senior rates for juniors);
  • The initiative is tightly aligned to the business expectations;
  • Handover and post-delivery services provide a smooth transition to operations, add value assurance and reduce time to benefits realisation; and
  • You’re not alone – we support you throughout the journey.


  • Project / program / portfolio management;
  • Methodology and process management (Agile, Kanban, Scrum, LEAN, SAFe, Waterfall, Hybrid etc);
  • PMO, iPMO or Transformation Office management and support;
  • Scheduling, financial and budget management;
  • Benefits and value management;
  • Project / program / portfolio governance;
  • Risk and issues management;
  • Resource capability and capacity management;
  • Test management and testing;
  • Vendor management;
  • Stakeholder management;
  • Change management and communications;
  • Scope variance management;
  • Reporting management;
  • Handover and transition management; and
  • Continual improvement management.
Why Inner Circle
  • We only have tried and trusted specialists with a proven history successful project, program, and portfolio delivery (you’re not paying senior rates for the privilege of training someone else’s graduates to their agenda).
  • Our teams know each other – they are cohesive, collaborative and focused on getting the job done. We mobilise them on our clock – not yours – ensuring they are productive from day one and not spending a week bickering over chairs or working out where the coffee machine is.
  • We support our teams throughout their engagement with our exclusive assurance programs to ensure they are delivering at optimal levels at all times.
  • Our teams bring the collective knowledge of 450 battle-hardened specialists, and access to our globally recognised IP and methodologies.
  • We work to your circumstance and environment. We utilise your tools, methods, and controls (and bring ours if needed) – and we integrate into your project, program or portfolio rather than try to dominate (to mitigate the impact of “External Consultant Syndrome” on productivity).
  • We have the experience to efficiently and programmatically bend and flex to meet your evolving needs, and the post-delivery services to ensure the business realises benefit quickly.
  • We provide you with the right reporting with the right transparency to make the right decisions on the right issues at the right time.
  • We don’t try to reinvent the plan to suit our goals or secret agendas. We are truly vendor agnostic – we have no partners, alliances or change request KPIs. We are here to have your back and help you deliver your desired business outcome, not someone else’s sales targets.
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